Designer, art director and media consultant – Andy McGregor

‘ I have worked with Noel Spencer on numerous projects over almost 15 years and more recently with Agne Smilgaite in a number of roles. I have no hesitation in recommending them as suppliers and project collaborators. Work is always carefully considered, keenly costed and delivered to the highest quality. ’ 



Fruitmarket Gallery Programme Assistant Susan Gladwin

‘ We have worked with Noel Spencer for many years to produce the vinyl texts for our exhibitions and events. He always works accurately to exacting specifications, for the Gallery and professional artists. He accommodates every deadline, and we are very grateful for his good advice on the best outcome for our designs. ’ 

Hillside Agency Creative Director –Neil Dalgleish

‘ We¹ve been working with these guys for 20 years, and they have consistently produced highest quality results at the best prices. I particularly appreciate the willingness to think round clients¹ sometimes tricky requests, to find solutions which will fit the brief, with real world costs and practicality. ’ 




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